Cinnasami Nadar came along with his two lads Ratnasami and Jayabalan from India in 50s and started to boil chickpeas using firewood cooking stove, carrying on the head and sold at toddy taverns, and pedestrians in Ipoh town. Once his children reached their teens, Cinnasamy added more titbits, and started to utilize his lads and moved to the entrance of hospitals and theatres. Upgraded their logistic to bicycle, both boys started to increase the revenue by encircling Ipoh city. Gradually shifted to motorbike they established a permanent income by selling Muruku and nuts at the entrance of schools.

Bought a delivery van and started to distribute muruku to the vendors of Pasar Malam and wet markets in the suburbs of Ipoh. Migrated to a conventional SME factory and expanded the business to wholesale vendors around Peninsula Malaysia and for the last five decades, Sahana has been a highly trusted “Muruku” brand offering high quality products across Malaysia.

While production capacity has increased to four tonnes per day, our annual turnover has reached 2 million in 2016. As a significant milestone, our company is going to be the first ISO certified Muruku manufacturer in the world by Dec 2017.


After many years, business has grown so much now and has a good response from not only the indians, but malays and chinese locals too. We are even exporting to Australia and have future plans to export to China.

There are different types of Kacangs to chose from, but the all time best seller is the Muruku.

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Manufacturing Process..